Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aeegle Top Ten Enterprises that implement Google Apps for Business

With a few years on the market but large experience in Google Apps consulting and Cloud Solutions Development, Aeegle has been recognized as one of the Top Ten enterprises that implement apps and Cloud Platform Solutions at regional and international level, says the researcher company Sourcing Line.

In the classification there are also US companies leaders in their region, however, Aeegle is the one representing Latin America with another partner from Chile in this ranking as well. One of the merits that Aeegle has is being pioneer in Latin America at development and implementation of Cloud-based solutions, specially Google Apps.

In the research appears factors such as the management of Google Apps with a valuation of 80%, productivity and collaboration in asist consults with a 60%, and a job profile of 9.4 among others.

According to the research firm, Aeegle is one of the most complete enterprises to be cataloged in a high level of response and delivery of customer services after an interview with some Aeegle customers.

In 2009, Aeegle starts in the business. It has extended to an international level being the leader in Central America and pioneer in Latin America at Google Apps development and Cloud Platform consulting with presence in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panamá, Guatemala, Sydney and Jakarta.

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