Friday, June 28, 2013

Do you have an Enterprise Social Network? why having one is important for your business.

The web 2.0 and the social networks

With the advent of web 2.0 a flush of social web applications have emerged, some of them had their momentum and then suddenly vanished and are now just a memory,  others have been adopted globally and have impacted the way we now interact and communicate with each others, from those, Facebook and Twitter are two popular examples, with more than a billion the first one and nearly 500 millions the second one,  were first embraced in our personal lives, but then also the organizations realized that those tools could also help improve their work and therefore started to adopt within them,  in this scenario twitter was the best positioned  among mainstream media because the product fit into their needs, sadly, in the other hand,  although with a bigger presence, Facebook  failed to deliver what businesses needed. Let me explain it.

The social business model

The social business model is perfect for today´s global businesses, that means they have a dispersed and  virtual workforce with a traditional workplace morphing into shared space. In this model, organizations take advantage of social network behavior for communicating and engaging with inside and outside stakeholders. Employees use  it  to collaborate, stay connected and have access to resources everywhere , the Cloud is perfect for that, and services like Google Apps provides the means to  stay connected, collaborate and share, but  in this scenario conversations are a key component, they are by nature the way we discuss any subject, to resolve problems, to plan, have agreements and organize tasks. Conversations are the engine that makes business run, innovate and reinvent.

Email frozen your company knowledge

In a virtual workplace we mostly use email instead of face to face meetings, but  the problem is our old friend email is not the best choice, try to follow a conversation between you and a couple of mates and you'll see is really difficult, and if we have a  teamwork of five or ten?, what about that new member? will you send him all the related emails? worse yet, if that person leaves your company, the knowledge and information becomes frozen or disappears. A research by Mckinsey Quarterly.reveals that 30% of time is wasted using email.

Social networks are marketing, branding and customer support tools

Another option to your communication problem  are Facebook or G+, but there are other issues, security is one of the biggest concerns, what about confidentiality? if you don't mind making public your internal interactions and strategies go and use them, I think these alternatives will work fine for a club,  a school or  your soccer team.

Enterprise Social Networks the best option.

Enterprise Social Network has anothers features.that FB and G+ lack,  because these are more focused in advertising, that's why you'll see few enterprise features on them, by effect of the customerization these and others social media platforms have influenced a new wave of enterprise software, Cloud Computing has also  a lot of credit, it has made them affordable and  scalable,  and thats good from the customer point of view, you now have so many options, among them Insidey, and as a newcomer has a lot to offer providing  features like share posts, comments and resources among groups so you can organize them and have effective conversations and also have the files you need right there handy. You'll be able to search and see group members and quickly know their information to contact them, launch a chat or video call.

Insidey  will give you a better communication and collaboration environment, you'll see better results in your business processes,workflow and work  plans, your employees and teamworks will experience a boost in engagement, innovation and productivity, finally your company knowledge will no longer be silo-ed.

If you have questions or an interest in Enterprise Social Networking solutions, intranets, or Cloud transformation in general please contact:

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