Monday, September 16, 2013

Email is not dead, but for teamworking...

Back in 1971  when  email first ancestor was invented, the original idea was to  just send a message to another person in the same computer, for that purpose a program was developed (SNDMSG), at the same time a protocol  to read and write  files from a remote computer was also developed  (SPYNET), this two pieces of code were combined and the first email program was born.

More than 40 years later, email is still prevalent and very few technologies can outboast from that, email has certainly made its way into human culture and with the advent and comoditization of Internet it  has been embraced  as the main communication method for many years, times are bit different now and millennials are using  it less and less every time, most of them see it just as a requirement for singing up to a social network, why is that, you may think. well for many of us, from the generation X and precedings  its the only way we´re been using for communication and helping us organize our work around, but for them (millennials) its social networks are a more effective way of communicating and sharing, remember, this is the time of cant´t wait, instant and easy access, and that has permeated business too.

One of the  most important shortcoming from email show up when you and your mates  try to do some teamworking, you find yourself and your team's conversations  lost among lots of emails popping up every other second, keeping up with the thread is very hard, and for those newcomers to the conversation almost impossible, as a result your business is less efficient, you loose time, opportunity and many times even money. We agree with you, email just (you know the word) for teamworking.

As we have already stated, business have been influenced by social networks and now you find your team (like it or not) finding their way around using social networks to get their job done, but another shortcoming arises being  confidentiality one of the most important.

Nowadays, you have to embrace a new communication method, one that makes your work teams more efficient, you need to embrace an Enterprise Social Network, which also easies its adoption because its just takes advantage of that social networks inertia but at the same time offers security and confidentiality,

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