Monday, August 10, 2015

Google evoluciona para convertirse en Alphabet

Hoy Google anuncia que evoluciona para convertirse en Alphabet empresa matriz (Holding) donde la G es Google, las otras 25 letras son para otras HighTech companies de renombre en su tiempo.

El siguente organigrama muestra la estructura de Alphabet

  • Nest is a smart-home-devices company acquired by Google in 2014.
  • Calico is a project to increase human longevity.
  • Sidewalk Labs is all about improving modern cities.
  • Google X is the company's moonshots division, housing the company's ambitious projects such as Google Glass, internet-delivering high-altitude balloons, and so on.
  • Fiber builds high-speed internet connections.
  • Google Capital is its investment arm, which is distinct from Google Ventures, the search giant's venture-capital investment vehicle.
  • Google is, well, Google. It contains most of the products that ordinary consumers associate with the search giant, including Search, Android, and Maps. It is worth noting that YouTube, despite already having its own CEO, is not being spun out.
"Alphabet Inc no será parte de Google Inc. Al contrario, Google Inc será en parte del Alphabet Inc" Darvin Otero, CEO de Aeegle, Inc


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