Thursday, May 16, 2013

FONDESURCO, Peruvian financial services leader goes Google Apps.

FONDESURCO emerged in 1994 as a financing alternative to economic activities for people who developed their agricultural activities in the Peruvian states of Arequipa and Moquegua. Their first credit operations were carried out in June 1994 as “share loans” and at the beginning of the year 2000 those were changed to personal credit methodology.Nowadays, FONDESURCO works with a network of 18 branches in 10 states of Peru and continues growing, as leaders in the area of micro-credit to micro and small entrepreneurs in Peru, directly supporting the economic development of the rural areas of nation.

Fondesurco was very clear which were the desired results, and to achieve the goals they had to overcome a series of obstacles, that was the main motivation in order to implement Google Apps. That kind of obstacles were based in storage and spam issues along with the email system they had (PostFix Linux-based), in addition to availability issues, good communication and connectivity to keep local offices linked nationwide was one of the main challenges.

FONDESURCO positioned as pioneer in Cloud Computing by migrating to a Google Apps based solution in 2009. Aeegle developed specific solutions that were part of the success that the institution has had over these past years.

With the spirit of innovation that defines them, FONDESURCO researched and decided to risk going Google Apps, in order to do that they looked for an experienced Google Partner Authorized Reseller specialist in the field with the needed experience, so they contacted Aeegle, pioneer in Latin America. Assistance was provided to them since the beginning of the project. Through these time, Aeegle implemented services such as setup and deployment of Google Apps, email migration from linux platform to Gmail. Final users and technical staff were trained by Aeegle so they could bring out the best of Google platform, the corporative web site was migrated to Google Sites as well. Today we continue providing effective technical support to ensure the maximum use of the platform. All the process lasted three months. 

"Google Apps tools are very powerful, our daily work in the institution depends on their use, the quality is impressive even more when the implementation was effective", said José Calderón, Chief of information technology department at FONDESURCO. 

Through this time, FONDESURCO has seen reflected benefits in results. Now they have an email platform with great storage, instant messaging and real-time collaboration benefits that has no discuss. they simplified the mobility and productivity of field employees, having improved the response time of customers and offering a better experience on their website and intranet for employees and customers.

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